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Nintendo Continues Retail Expansion

With the holiday season in full swing, Nintendo has been busy setting up demo stations and getting its new NES into as many retailers as it can. This hasn’t been an easy task, since many stores have written off video games as a passing fad. Still, the stores that have agreed to stock the systems have reported a brisk uptake in sales over the past week as shoppers begin their holiday shopping in earnest.

Although it has been available at smaller stores as well as the largest toy store, FAO Schwarz, big department stores have shied away from carrying the new console. The tide may finally be turning though, as Macy’s has just released an ad that puts the spotlight on R.O.B. the interactive robot. The entire NES package is advertised at $160, a bit higher than the $139.99 reported at some other locations. Also listed are 15 games, ranging from $25 to $35. Out of the ones listed, Super Mario Bros. is a steal at $25 and is the must-have title this fall.

Macy Ad 111785

If Nintendo hopes to launch the NES nationwide next year, it will need to get some of the big retail chains signed on, such as: Toys R Us, Kay Bee Toys, Sears, JC Penney, Montgomery Ward, Woolworths, Target, K-Mart, and the ever-expanding Wal-Mart. Let’s hope this Christmas is a success for Nintendo and that others will be lining up to carry the new system and its games.

Craig Majaski

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