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The NES Continues To Rollout Across California

Yesterday we reported that the NES had finally landed in California, bringing the next generation of gaming consoles to more of the nation. Target was the first to advertise the system as being in stock and featured many of the games on sale.

Federated has just placed a print advertisement showcasing the NES for $138.65, the cheapest price we’ve seen thus far. In addition, the Game Paks are slightly cheaper here as well. You can pick up Kung Fu, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, or Tennis for $19.88 apiece. Hogan’s Alley, Excitebike, Wild Gunman, and Wrecking Crew are listed at $24.88 each. There are plenty of locations to purchase the games and system from, so now is your chance! Don’t forget to pick up the excellent Super Mario Bros. (not listed in this ad, but available at Target) if you want some excellent sidescrolling action.

NES Ad - Federated - 03-13-1986 - Credit Frank Cifaldi
Image Credit: Frank Cifaldi

Craig Majaski

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