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Toys R Us Sunday Ad

It’s Sunday, May 18 and Toys R Us has a bunch of new items showcased in its Los Angeles and surrounding area ad. If you’re looking for the latest Atari 520ST Computer, you can pick it up for $399.97. Of course you’ll need a monitor and a disk drive to really get the most out of it, and perhaps a printer if you’re planning on writing reports – well over $1000 for the entire package.

If you’re looking for something that just plays games, then the NES is a much more economical choice at only $139.97. It comes with Gyromite, Duck Hunt, two controllers, the light gun Zapper, and R.O.B. the interactive robot. The best games to pick up alongside the gaming system are Pinball, Kung Fu, and the amazing Super Mario Brothers. Don’t forget that more Game Paks are scheduled to come out next month, like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Popeye.

Ad scan courtesy of Frank Cifaldi.
Ad scan courtesy of Frank Cifaldi.

The NES and games aren’t reduced in price, but it’s nice to see another retailer on the west coast advertising the system. The first to do so was Target back in March. Remember the nationwide rollout should continue to happen throughout the rest of the year.

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