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Montgomery Ward Carrying NES

With every passing month it seems like video games are back from the dead. More and more retailers are signing back on to carry them, and the one console that seems to be gaining the most traction is the Nintendo Entertainment System.

We’ve reported on the different stores carrying the NES since it launched back in October of 1985, and we’re slowly but surely seeing it make an appearance in the national chains as well. From Toys R Us to Target to JC Penney, it was only a matter of time before more retailers jumped on board and this week it’s confirmation that Montgomery Ward has the system in stock in some of its California stores. The ad below lists it on “sale” for $139. While that’s technically true, we’ve found almost all retailers selling it at that price since it launched. It’s great to see more stores carrying the NES, as it will need to be widely promoted for it to succeed.


Image Credit: Frank Cifaldi


For all of our readers who don’t live in New York or California, there’s great news! The NES is finally beginning its nationwide rollout this month. We haven’t been able to get a concrete answer as to where Nintendo is sending the systems next, but we were told that they will arrive in the following cities over the next six weeks: Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Cleveland. It won’t be much longer for everyone else to be able to get their hands on the new system and its games!


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