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The NES Now Has Two Configurations

This week at the Summer CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Nintendo announced that consumers could now purchase the NES in two different packages. The first box contains the exact same contents as seen in the test markets: Control Deck, 2 controllers, Zapper Light Gun, R.O.B. the Robot, Duck Hunt, and Gyromite. This is now being called the Nintendo Deluxe Set and has a suggested retail price of $179.95, although most retailers routinely have this on sale for $139.95.


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Image Credit: Howard Phillips


Now, there’s a new option up for purchase called the Nintendo Control Deck. This package includes the NES Control Deck, two controllers, and a free copy of Super Mario Brothers. It retails for $99.95 and offers up a more affordable option for those looking to get a NES. This is by far and away the better deal unless you have someone that must have the gun or robot. Super Mario Bros. is the best game on the system so far and the NES is a fantastic value with this game packed in.


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Image Credit: Howard Phillips


Of course, having a package on store shelves that doesn’t include all of the contents of the Deluxe Set means that Nintendo must now sell those items separately as well. The Zapper will retail for $29.95, R.O.B. is sold on his own for $49.95, Duck Hunt has a suggested retail of $34.95, and Gyromite has the heftiest price tag for a Game Pak so far at $39.95.


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Image Credit: Howard Phillips


A new pamphlet handed out at the CES showcases the different configurations available. It also details Nintendo’s upcoming advertising campaign schedule. It will be spending a massive 20 million dollars in promotional efforts, including two television campaigns that will begin in mid-September and run through the holiday shopping season. These new commercials will target both kids as well as families. The kid’s ad will primarily be shown during Saturday mornings and Mondays through Fridays from 3 to 6 PM. The family ad will air in Prime Time and during weekend sporting events. I look forward to seeing them!


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Image Credit: Howard Phillips


The June 1986 issue of Computer Entertainer is also reporting that Gumshoe will be the next game in the Zapper line and should be released later this month. In addition, one of the games initially on release lists for the NES, Heli-Fighter, has disappeared. We’re hearing it’s been canned, but Computer Entertainer lists it as postponed. We’ll issue an update if more information comes to light.




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