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NES Print Ad In Toy & Hobby World

Nintendo is speaking directly to retailers with this ad placement in the July, 1986 issue of Toy & Hobby World. It touts that success breeds success and that stores that carry the NES will be part of that story. A couple of interesting nuggets include:


  1. The NES “opened to rave reviews and extraordinary business – cornering the New York market in only 9 weeks”.
  2. Nintendo is taking the NES nationwide with a $20 million promotional campaign and the support of virtually every major retailer in America.
  3. Nintendo says they are behind their retail partners with “one of the largest advertising, promotion and dealer support programs ever”. This will include a massive television campaign with spot coverage in the top 40 markets.
  4. Nintendo has a vast assortment of point-of-purchase displays, brochures, and in-store promotions and co-op advertisements to help boost business.
  5. Nintendo has been in the entertainment business for 97 years, so they know a thing or two about marketing.


Check out the full ad below. As summer continues to chug along, gamers across the country should see the NES Control Deck and Deluxe Systems begin to be regularly stocked at many national chains. Don’t be surprised to start seeing commercials airing come September showing off the system and its games. With competition on the way from Sega with its Master System and Atari with its 7800, Nintendo is going all-out to try and secure as much of the market as possible. Time will tell if they have what it takes!


Credit: Frank Cifaldi


Craig Majaski

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