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NES Now Available In Wisconsin

Wisconsin video gamers rejoice! The Nintendo Entertainment System has finally arrived at the Toys R Us in Madison, according to an ad published today in the Wisconsin State Journal. You can pick which configuration to purchase: the Deluxe Set or the Control Deck.

If you’re on a budget, the Control Deck is your best option at only $79.97, and is the lowest price we’ve seen yet on the system. It comes packaged with the NES, two controllers, and a free copy of the amazing Super Mario Bros. Game Pak. If you have a bit more money to spare, the Deluxe Set is worth considering as it does pack in a lot of bang for your buck. At $139.97 you will get the NES, two controllers, the Zapper light-gun, R.O.B. the interactive robot, the Duck Hunt Game Pak, and the Gyromite Game Pak. This is a more fully featured set, but neither Duck Hunt nor Gyromite are as entertaining as Super Mario Bros., so if you do opt for this package you may want to consider purchasing a copy for about $29.99.


Credit: Frank Cifaldi
Credit: Frank Cifaldi


The NES has begun its nationwide rollout, and this is just one more example of the console sprouting up at stores across the country. Nintendo expects it to be at most retailers by September, well in advance of the upcoming holiday season.

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