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NES Circular Flyer Roundup

We weren’t 100% sure until now that the NES is officially in Canada. The latest flyer for Compucentre shows the NES on sale for $179.88 with Super Mario Bros. or $279.88 for the Deluxe Set. Keep in mind these are Canadian prices. U.S. pricing remains around $80 – $100 for the Control Deck and $140 – $180 for the Deluxe Set.


Credit: Frank Cifaldi


Toys R Us in Madison, Wisconsin has the NES Deluxe Set advertised for $139.97. This is technically lower than the suggested retail price of $179.95, but it’s not an uncommon price to see. It’s a good value if you’re looking to get the Zapper and R.O.B. the interactive robot. If those have little interest for you, we suggest grabbing the Control Deck, which is commonly seen for around $79.99 and comes with the amazing Super Mario Bros. as a pack-in.


Credit: Frank Cifaldi


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