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Computer Entertainer June – August 1986 Issues

We have been utilizing the Computer Entertainer newsletter as second opinions on many of our reviews. They also have reviewed some games we have yet to cover. Plus, they do report on news and events every month in both the computer and video game sector. That’s why we’ve decided to include the full issues in PDF format for those who want to look at the entire newsletters instead of the snippets used on our site. They aren’t in pristine condition, but they’re very readable. As the months go on we’ll continue to post them for posterity.

Computer Entertainer – August 1986

Below are the pages from the August issue that pertain specifically to Nintendo:

Computer Entertainer - August 1986

Computer Entertainer - August 1986-2

Computer Entertainer - August 1986-3

Computer Entertainer - August 1986-4

Computer Entertainer – July 1986

Computer Entertainer – June 1986

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