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NES Now Available At New Toys R Us In Texas

We’ve been reporting over the past few months that Nintendo is hard at work securing space at retailers across the country for its national rollout. At this point in late August, most states should have at least one store chain that carries the NES. Of course, for the system to succeed it needs to be convenient to find and locate.

Credit: Frank Cifaldi


Those living in Baytown can visit the recently opened Toys R Us to pick up a NES Deluxe Set for $139.97. Remember, this bundle comes with the NES Control Deck, 2 controllers, the Zapper light gun, R.O.B. the interactive robot, and two Game Paks: Duck Hunt and Gyromite. While you’re there you might want to also pick up the latest M.A.S.K. toy, the Hurricane. It’s a pretty sweet transforming ride!

Craig Majaski

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