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October Issue Of Computer Entertainment

This month’s issue of the popular newsletter, Computer Entertainer, has shipped out to subscribers. The full issue is linked below for your reading pleasure, but we’re more interested in The Video Game Update section as it pertains to home consoles.

This time around the writers get a chance to sit down with the Sega Master System and play some of the launch games. As a reminder for those reading the reviews, the games are given to sets of ratings. The first group of diamonds represent the quality of graphics, with four being the best. The second set of diamonds are the score given to game play and entertainment.


For the most part, Sega’s games seem to be reviewing rather well. Hang On gets a 3 for graphics and a 2 for entertainment. Safari Hunt, a game that utilizes Sega’s light gun, gets a perfect 4 rating in both categories, as does World Grand Prix, a one-player racing game. Fantasy Zone, a side-scrolling colorful space ship shooting game also received perfect scores for its amazing graphics and fun stages.

We already reported the news about Nintendo’s licensing program, which is detailed on page 12 of this issue. The NES gets another perfectly rated game with Mach Rider. This motorcycle racer from Nintendo delivers a tremendous sense of speed and even includes the ability to design your own course! Gumshoe is the latest Zapper light gun game and received an impressive 3.5 for graphics and 4 for game play and entertainment.


Computer Entertainer – October 1986 PDF


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