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NES Control Deck Instruction Booklet

We know how it is. You get a brand new electronic device and the kids rush to open up the box and take everything out, scattering papers as far as the eyes can see. Occasionally important paperwork gets tossed in the garbage. We have secured a copy of the NES Control Deck instruction booklet just incase you can’t find the one that came packed with your system.

For the best possible picture, use the included A/V cords instead of the RF Switch.

It’s worth noting that you should really consider sending in your warranty card that came packed inside the box as well. It will register your serial number with Nintendo just incase you have a problem with it in the future. In addition, we are hearing rumblings that Nintendo is going to send out some type of hints and tips brochure absolutely free early next year to those who register their consoles. I’m sure the kids would love getting mail from Nintendo.

The entire instruction book can be downloaded below by clicking the pdf link. You can even order spare parts if need be!



NES Control Deck Manual


[Source: Digital Press]


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