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Sears Wish Book Features NES & More Exciting Toys

It’s that time of the year again! Most households across the country will have received their Sears Wishbooks in the mail by now. I know thousands of kids will salivate over the pages upon pages of toys and games featured within. After being absent for the past several years, video games have finally made it back into the holiday catalog. It appears only Nintendo was able to secure the placement this year, which bodes well for its holiday sales.


If you’re thinking about ordering one from Sears, be weary of its offer to bundle the Control Deck, Zapper, and R.O.B. because it’s not really a good deal. If you were to buy all three items, Sears claims you’ll save $10 and you can get them all for $149.97. However, it’s important to note that if you really want the Zapper and R.O.B., you’re probably better off purchasing the Deluxe Set, which is sold at most retailer nationwide for $139.99. Not only do you get all of the hardware listed above, but you also get Duck Hunt and Gyromite thrown in for free, both of which actually utilize the aforementioned accessories. If you go with their bundle, you’d be stuck with a Zapper and R.O.B. with no games included to use them, thereby raising your cost even more to buy the compatible games.

My best recommendation is to simply buy the Control Deck, which comes with Super Mario Bros. for free. It’s $89.99 and then I’d pick one more game off the list for good measure. It’s interesting that Sears has a rather limited selection of titles to choose from. Kung Fu and Pinball are good choices, and if you’re into motorcycle racing you might want to give Mach Rider a try.

Of course, toys are the name of the game at Christmas, and this book is packed with all sorts. Take a look below at some of the bigger hits of this holiday season. What are you most excited for? I know I can’t wait to get some Lazer Tag action going on in my neighborhood!

Is it wrong of me to want every single piece of Lazer Tag equipment shown?
It looks like Teddy Ruxpin made a ton of friends.
Truly truly outrageous!
Woah! A stereo inside the car.
Sign me up for some Robotech PJs!
Ah! Cute! These could almost double as Halloween costumes.
Lion-O to the rescue!
Only $4 for a gray generic robot watch? Q*Bert looks like the right choice.
Is it just me or has He-Man gone off the deep end? Who are these guys?
Some all-new Transformers have appeared now that Optimus and Megatron are no more.
That Hall of Justice looks a bit sad – but the Robotech toys look on point.
Look at that 7.5 foot aircraft carrier! Now THAT’s a toy.
Construx are so cool. They are easy to use and fun to build stuff with. I’ll take all of them please.
See those M.U.S.C.L.E. figures? There’s a video game coming to the NES with the same license.
Mask is still one of my favorite shows and the toys are well-built and look just like from the cartoon. Odd that they had a price increase over last year’s wishbook.
One of the best new cartoons gets a bunch of new toys.
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats….HOOOOOOO!
My little brother loves his NASA backpack and walkie talkies.
These colorful sleeping bags have their own bags to store them in. Jem is my name, no one else is the same…ahem.
Time to transform and roll-out! Get it? Roll-out…you roll out the sleeping bag. Never mind.
She-Ra is still bringing it. What’s up with those Robotech dolls? I can’t see these catching on.
Holy accessories, Batman! Those little ponies have lots of accessorizing to do.
Little ponies and big ponies. Pick your poison.
That Gumby watch looks like it would be impossible to wear.

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