Toys R Us & Lionel Kiddie City NES Print Ads

If you live in Maryland, you may want to swing by Lionel Kiddie City to pick up the NES Control Deck. It’s only $79.97 and comes with a free copy of Super Mario Bros. – one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for the system so far. It’s also advertising various Game Paks for $19.97, but doesn’t list the titles on sale. The NES is listed as a new item, so quantities could be fairly limited. We’re hearing of out of stocks at some retailers across the nation already with Christmas sales picking up. This would make the perfect gift under the tree this holiday season.

Credit: Frank Cifaldi

Toys R Us in Wisconsin once again has the NES Deluxe Set priced at $139.97. It’s not too uncommon to see this price point on this bundle, but if you or your kids really want all of the accessories it’s the cheapest way to buy them. You get the NES Control Deck, two controllers, R.O.B. the interactive robot, the Zapper light gun, and two games: Gyromite and Duck Hunt. You may want to pick up a copy of Super Mario Bros. as it’s currently the best game on the system. We also enjoyed Kung Fu and Commando.

Credit: Frank Cifaldi

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