More Print Ads Feature NES For W/E Nov. 15

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we can expect more retailers to feature the NES in their circulars. All over the country newspapers are seeing print ads similar to the ones below. Neither are offering any spectacular savings over what you can find on a normal day, so it might be wise to shop around for the best deals.

Credit: Frank Cifaldi
Credit: Frank Cifaldi


It’s nice to see Atari is still in the mix. If you’re going budget you could always snag the 2600, but I would highly recommend going with the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Master System as they feature much better graphics and the games are just plain more fun to play. Keep in mind that most retailers will carry the NES Control Deck package for $89.99, which for a limited time comes with a free Super Mario Bros. Game Pak – a great bundle for an exciting price.


Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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