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Target Warns May Not Get More NES In Before Christmas

We had heard rumblings from retailers that the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was becoming difficult to keep in stock. It has become one of the more sought after gifts for this holiday season, which bodes well for the video game industry. Nintendo isn’t divulging sales information yet, but we’re hearing they bulked up stock for the holidays, so hearing they are selling out is a very good indication that Nintendo may be the gaming company to beat this generation.



The latest retailer to have stock issues with the NES is Target. It had advertised the system in its latest circular, but it posted a notice that it very well may not be available. They point the finger at Nintendo’s inability to keep up with the extraordinary demand. Target is issuing rain checks, but they aren’t guaranteeing that those will be filled before Christmas. In other words, your kids may very well have a slip of paper under the tree this year instead of a shiny new NES.


Source: Frank Cifaldi – Alton Illinois Telegraph – Dec. 6, 1986


Craig Majaski

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