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Nintendo Announces 1987 NES Schedule

While thousands of kids (and some adults) anxiously wait for Christmas day to arrive in hopes of opening up a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), many are eager to see what’s next for the 8-bit console. So far there are a total of 36 NES games released, and Nintendo has announced plans to release five more in the first half of 1987. Keep in mind that number does not include any third-party licensee titles, which should add another seven to ten games on top of what Nintendo is set to deliver.

You may recall that earlier this year the Famicom Disk System was released in Japan. This add-on device allows games to be sold much cheaper on diskettes and there are even kiosks in retail stores that allow users to rewrite games over existing ones for about $5. This is a very economical solution to the growing cost of video games, especially when you consider that NES games are currently $20 to $35 each. We had heard rumblings that Nintendo was going to bring the disk system out in America for the NES, but looking at its release schedule it appears that this will not be the case. It is in the process of converting the games released on the Famicom Disk System to NES Game Paks for release here.

In some ways this is disappointing news, as the prospect of cheaper games is enticing, plus let’s not forget the Disk System allows for games to save their progress and it includes an extra sound channel for enhanced audio. The downside, of course, is cost (about $100) and load times. Anyone familiar with computer games will attest that loading times are not fun. We couldn’t get a specific reason as to why America will not receive the Disk System, but we imagine it could be do the very delicate video game industry and perhaps Nintendo is worried that too much hardware too quickly could cause problems in the market.

Nintendo’s release schedule currently includes the following games:





Next month Nintendo will be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and will have a booth filled with its latest games and accessories for the NES. We should have updated information on these and other titles announced at the show soon!

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