CES: Data East Shows Off Three Games

Data East is a company known for its arcade presence. It has already released Karate Champ and Tag Team Wrestling for the NES. It’s planning on adding three more to its library of games later this year.

The first one is the classic arcade game Burgertime. This has appeared on numerous systems before, and pretty much every computer imaginable. You play as Peter Pepper, a chef that must prepare giant hamburgers by walking over the ingredients (buns, lettuce, meat) to stack them at the bottom of the screen. You’ll have to watch out and try to avoid Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle as they’ll be out to stop your devious plan to serve dinner. The NES version should be a faithful recreation of the arcade version. While the game was fun to play several years ago, I can’t help but think most gamers out there have moved on from single-screen gaming.



Next up on the agenda is Ring King, a game that was previously announced last year, but still hasn’t made an appearance. This boxing game came out in the arcades a few years back and is fighting its way onto your NES. Two players can go at it in versus mode or you can hone your moves in the single-player attraction. This one is supposed to come out by summer.



Last, Bump ‘N’ Jump is the latest arcade conversion to make its way to the NES. This one is supposedly heading to retailers in the next few months. You control a car that must jump over various obstacles on the road and bump any vehicle that is in your path. Some stronger trucks may need to be jumped on to eliminate them. It’s a fast-paced thrill ride. Can you survive?




Craig Majaski

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