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March 1987 Issue Of Computer Entertainer

The March issue of Computer Entertainer is in most subscribers’ hands by now. There isn’t a ton of Nintendo news to report on this month, but a couple of interesting snippets are revealed.

If you’ve read our Gradius review, you’ll know that it’s a game worth having in your NES library. It’s a fun and challenging experience. Perhaps it’s too difficult for some, but Computer Entertainer has found a cheat code that can help you pulverize the alien menace. It’s really simple to activate and it gives you extra weapons and options at the beginning of the game. Once you start the first level, simply pause the game by pressing the Start button. Then with the control pad you press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, and then Start to resume your game. This should have activated your power-ups! This code can be entered at the beginning of any stage. Hopefully the extra firepower will be enough help to get you even further in the game.



In other Nintendo happenings, the first joystick for the NES has finally shipped. It’s from Wico, an accessory company who has been around for quite a few years. Unfortunately it appears to be a dud. Computer Entertainer complained of sluggish controls when compared to the standard NES controller. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a good joystick to come to market.

It appears that Data East has cancelled the release of Bump ‘N Jump for the NES. It has disappeared from their release schedule, but no word yet on why.

In other bad news, Capcom has delayed Gunsmoke. It won’t be out until fall, so those yearning for a western shoot’em up will have to wait a bit longer. They did add a new Game Pak to their release schedule, called The Speed Rumbler. It’s no doubt a port of their arcade game by the same name. You drive around a car with an overhead viewpoint of the action, reminiscent of Capcom’s Commando. You’ll need to rescue hostages, knock over oil drums, evade ambushers, and jump and attack enemies out to get you. This one is now slated for summer.



The full issue of Computer Enterainer can be downloaded right here.


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