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April 1987 Issue Of Computer Entertainer

The April 1987 issue of Computer Entertainer has shipped out to subscribers and it’s packed with information. We’re approaching the summer vacation period where kids are out of school and itching for some new games to play. There are plenty on the way!

It looks like Sega is on the ball releasing quite a few games for its Master System. Apparently Space Harrier is the one to get as it received perfect scores. We’ve played this one in the arcade, and it is indeed a fun experience. We’re glad to see the home version seems to hold its own. Also, Great Baseball on the SMS is a way better experience than any baseball game currently on the NES. It too received perfect marks.

This month in Video Game Update, the crew reviews four NES games. Three of them are sports-related: Slalom, Pro Wrestling, and Track & Field. The last is Rush N Attack, a game we reviewed with high marks. It appears Computer Entertainer loves it as well, giving it 4 out of 4 in both categories!

If you’ve been struggling with Ghosts N Goblins on the NES (and who hasn’t?), we’ve got some great news! There’s a cheat code that allows you to level select so now you can skip to different areas of the game. This can serve as an unlimited continue option instead of starting over from the beginning of the game. Maybe now you’ll finally see the ending!

SNK has announced that it’s bringing more games to the NES. We already knew about Ikari Warriors, but their next title appears to be an adventure game called Athena. Also on the docket for this year are: Psycho Solider, TNK 3, and Victory Road (Ikari Warriors 2).


Download: Computer Entertainer – April 1987


Computer Entertainer Review Guidelines:






♦ = ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMS (1st set of diamonds = quality of graphics; 2nd set = quality of game play and entertainment value)

Any program for a given system is compared only to other programs for the same system. In other words, all C64-compatibles are judged separately from Apple. Some programs, which are virtually identical for multiple systems, will be so noted. When we review software for more than one system, we will note differences and which system we reviewed.


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