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Top Secret: How To Win At Super Mario Bros. Guide

Super Mario Brothers remains one of the best games available for the Nintendo Entertainment System to date. Perhaps it’s because of the colorful visual, or perhaps its catchy music and spot-on gameplay, but we believe that it resonates with so many players because of the amount of secrets packed inside the Game Pak. It seems like every time we play a new round we discover something we didn’t know was there before.



When the playground gossip doesn’t deliver the goods (who knows what’s true and what’s not after all), the Nintendo Fun Club‘s free How To Win At Super Mario Bros. guide does the trick. It’s loaded with maps of every level and tips on how to destroy the evil enemies blocking Mario’s path.


You’ll learn where the power-ups are as well as the locations of many of the 1-Up mushrooms that give you an extra life. Plus, did you know there are pipes in the game that allow you to warp to new worlds instantly? This is a huge time saver for those that don’t want to go traipsing through each and every level. This guide shows the location for all of the Warp Zones!



We recommend playing through the game on your own before reading the guide as it does spoil some of the surprises. Once you’ve managed on your own, then be sure to take a look at the entire guide right here!


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