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CES: Nintendo Shows Off Password Pak Technology

Today at the Summer CES, Nintendo showed off its new line of Password Paks. These are special cartridges that ask for a secret password when you start up the game. If you input the correct line of characters, you will be able to continue where you previously left off! This is a different approach from using internal batteries, like The Legend of Zelda is using, but still an innovative idea to allow for longer games.

The first two games from Nintendo to utilize this new technology are Metroid and Kid Icarus. Both will be new titles in the Adventure Series of Game Paks. We’re told that Metroid has a science fiction setting and has you exploring an alien planet riddled with caverns and secret areas to explore. You’ll have your trusty laser blaster at your side from the start of the game, but you’ll find new weapons and items to assist you on your journey. This one is scheduled to release in August.



Kid Icarus is based on Greek mythology. You play a winged angel who must travel across varying landscapes. Along the way he will discover new weapons and items to vanquish the enemy infestation and rescue the girl. This one is also supposed to be coming to a store near you this August.



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