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CES: Nintendo Introduces 3D Glasses

At this year’s Summer CES, Nintendo showed off some brand new technology – the Nintendo 3D System. It features special Liquid Crystal Shutter glasses that players wear to view specialized games in real 3D. The glasses must be plugged into the NES to run (they need to be powered in order for the shutters to activate).



This technology is nothing new. In fact, Sega had shown off their glasses at an earlier show, and Nintendo’s appear to be using the same technology. The glasses are still in the prototype phase, with the Famicom (Japanese NES) moniker etched on them. Nintendo didn’t have a release date or a price set at this point in time, but they did have a new racing game called 3D Racing that took advantage of the glasses. What’s interesting here is that the game can also be played without the glasses, so it gives consumers the choice of whether or not to spend money on the more advanced technology.

We know these glasses are planned to come out sometime later this year in Japan. Since most games seem to take awhile to make their way over to the U.S., we would expect a similar release strategy for these glasses. In other words, don’t expect them this year.


Craig Majaski

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