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Summer 1987 Issue Of Nintendo Fun Club News

If you’ve sent in your warranty card from your Nintendo Entertainment System, you should begin receiving free issues of the Nintendo Fun Club News. It’s an official newsletter straight from Nintendo and includes tips and tricks on games and insight into upcoming NES titles. The summer issue has just arrived and it features The Legend of Zelda on the cover.

Continuing on to page 2 we see that Nintendo plays catch up on some of its latest releases. Volleyball, Slalom, and Pro Wrestling are all detailed. Oddly no screen shots are shown off here, but that seems to be a trend with the Fun Club News.


Page 3 details tips and tricks from the experts at Nintendo. You’ll find some great secrets revealed for Super Mario Bros. here. Our favorite is that you can continue playing in the same world if you lose all of your lives. All you have to do is hold the “A” button and press “Start” after “Game Over”. You will begin at the first stage of that world, so if you die on World 3-3, for example, you begin again at World 3-1 instead of 1-1. Talk about a time saver!


By far our most anticipated NES accessory so far, the NES Advantage joystick can’t come out quick enough. We’ve been itching for a solid joystick and this one looks like it will be the best one on the market when it releases later this fall. It features adjustable Turbo button settings, Slow Motion, and even the option for two people to share one stick in alternating games. We’re hearing it will be on the expensive side: $44.99, but we’re hopeful it will be high quality.


Nintendo promotes recycling and gives away a NES Deluxe Set on page 5. Also we have sneak peeks at Metroid and Kid Icarus, two games we’re excited to try out when they release next month!


Page 6 details all of Nintendo’s current third party licensees and the games they have released or are on the way. Capcom, Konami, and Tecmo have quickly become our favorite gaming companies thanks to high quality games like Gradius, Castlevania, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, and Rygar.


On page 7 Nintendo is running a fun contest for those that pick up The Legend of Zelda. You could get your named printed in an upcoming issue of Nintendo Fun Club News if you are one of the first 10 callers with information on the end boss of Zelda. Apparently he’s a doozy!


If you missed out on the free How To Win At Super Mario Bros. book or want to order some more official score pads, page 8 has you covered. The book is now $4.95 (should have acted a few months ago) and there are also a variety of shirts to order as well!


You can learn how to create your very own local Fun Club on page 9. Nintendo answers a couple of question in the Mailbag as well.


OK, so page 10 really threw us for a loop. We’re like, “Oh, a Mario crossword puzzle. How quaint!” But then we actually tried to solve it, and you know what? It’s pretty darned difficult. We were looking to see if Nintendo published the answers, but didn’t see them listed anywhere. Are you able to solve it?


Page 11 is the last page of the newsletter. It lists over 30 games from Nintendo. Keep in mind some of these are already out of print and could be more difficult to find than more recent entries. If you see a game in your local store you know you want, we suggest picking it up now while it’s still available. Oh, and keep your boxes and instruction manuals. You never know – they might be worth something down the line!



Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

1 thought on “Summer 1987 Issue Of Nintendo Fun Club News

  • Salty Asparagus

    The Fun Club News…a precursor to Nintendo Power. I believe I still have a few of these, in very taped-up condition.


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