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VIDEOS: The Legend Of Zelda Gets Two Commercial Spots

Nintendo is ramping up its marketing campaign for the upcoming holiday season. That’s right, kids are heading back to school and that means the Christmas ad blitz has begun! Leading the charge are two brand new commercials for Nintendo’s latest epic adventure game, The Legend of Zelda.

We’ve heard reports that stores have had a difficult time keeping this Game Pak in stock already, so we can only imagine the chaos parents are going to encounter tying to find Zelda in time for Christmas. Let’s hope Nintendo cranks out a bunch of those golden cartridges, because not only is it a fantastic game (we gave it a 10 out of 10), it’s also reason enough to purchase a Nintendo just for that one title.

Both commercials are rather eye-catching. The first shows two kids talking about the game (the Nintendo Fun Club News is also shown) before putting the game in and having some fun. There are a few inconsistencies in this commercial that we noticed. First up, the Game Pak being inserted into the NES Control Deck isn’t golden like the retail ones are. Second, the Power and Reset buttons are the wrong colors! Perhaps the commercial was shot before the gold-colored cartridges were finished, but the buttons are a mystery.



The second commercial is just bizarre in general. Some creepy dude is hanging out in the shadows and rattling off the names of some of the enemies in the game. Let’s hope playing hours and hours of Zelda doesn’t cause this strange behavior!



Craig Majaski

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