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Capcom & Acclaim Fast Track Games For December Launch

In order to capitalize on the fantastic holiday sales the NES is currently seeing, both Capcom and Acclaim have been able to place orders for new Game Paks to arrive just in time for Christmas. Distribution of new Game Paks is often spotty, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see many copies of these titles in stores until the New Year, but at the very least the east and west coasts will most likely have a chance of finding them.

First up from Capcom is a new game called Mega Man. This one stars a small blue robot that must defeat six enemy robot masters. We’re hearing that two unique features set this game apart from the rest: a stage select and the ability to steal power-ups from enemies. Unlike most games, you will be able to select the order of the stages to play and at the end of each one is a robot master that must be defeated. If you’re successful, you get that robot’s special weapon added to your arsenal! Some robots are weak against specific weapon types, so you’ll need to figure out the best order to tackle each stage.

Acclaim is bringing us Wizards & Warriors. This one is clearly set in medieval times and you control a knight named Kuros who is on an epic quest to save the princess and vanquish the evil Wizard, Malkil. Armed with a sword and a shield, this adventure game will have you exploring a bunch of enchanted environments filled with treasures and monsters galore. All sorts of mystical creatures will stand in your way. Can you vanquish them all and reign victorious?

We’re looking forward to trying both new games when they arrive in December, so expect full reviews soon. We’re hearing rumblings that Nintendo is about to make some new game announcements of their own in the next month – so stay tuned!


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