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Toys R Us Advertising Sega Master System & Nintendo Entertainment System

It’s just a few more weeks until Christmas is here and we’ve been hearing reports from retailers all over the country that nothing is bigger than video games, especially when it comes to kids’ wish lists. Once called a fad, the home console gaming market has heated back up thanks to newcomers like Sega and Nintendo entering the field. Both have more powerful machines, more memory for better graphics, and more sophisticated game software that’s driving the market.

Nintendo in particular has found massive success with its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). We’ve noted that many retailers have had difficulty keeping the system and its most popular games, like Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and The Legend of Zelda adequately stocked for the holiday buying season. Some stores have warned that they may not get more shipments before Christmas day, so if you see the Game Pak you want, snatch it up while you still can.

If you’re looking for the biggest selection of video games, Toys R Us might be your best bet. They have an aisle dedicated to the newest games and accessories. Check out a couple of their print ads appearing in newspapers across the country. They have some competitive pricing on games like The Goonies II for only $29.99 and The Legend of Zelda for $34.99. These are massive adventure titles that are well worth the money! With almost 100 games currently available for the NES, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Although the mega toy retailer is heavily promoting the NES with R.O.B. the robot for $139.97 – the much better deal is to buy the $79.97 NES Control Deck with free copy of Super Mario Bros. It’s a much better game and you can use the money you save to purchase a few more fantastic games like Castlevania, Metroid, or Rygar. Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas filled with video game joy!



Craig Majaski

Craig has been covering the video game industry since 1995. His work has been published across a wide spectrum of media sites. He's currently the Editor-In-Chief of Nintendo Times and contributes to Gaming Age.

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