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December 1987 Computer Entertainer

The December 1987 issue of Computer Entertainer has arrived and it’s loaded with news of upcoming games coming to the NES. Next month is the January CES where Nintendo and its army of third party licensees will be showing off the latest and greatest games coming soon to the NES. Nintendo is having an amazing holiday season and it will need a constant stream of exciting new software to keep interest up and to continue to grow the fledgling video game industry.

On tap from Nintendo and scheduled for the first half of 1988 are: Super Mario Bros. 2, The Adventure of Link (the sequel to The Legend of Zelda), Return of Donkey Kong, Pro Am Racing, Ice Hockey, and Dragon Warrior. From Konami comes two arcade favorites: Contra and Jackal. GameTek is a new licensee devoted to releasing games based on game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Data East is busy working on Rampage and Robocop for later next year. We’re sure to learn much more at CES and will update you next month with new information and screens.



You can download the December 1987 Computer Entertainer right here, or just read it below.


Computer Entertainer - December 1987


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