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Winter 1987 Issue Of Nintendo Fun Club News

The winter 1987 edition of the Nintendo Fun Club News magazine has finally shipped to subscribers. Some may have received it as early as last month, but many are just now getting their grubby gamer hands on it. It’s the biggest issue yet and it’s in full color! Remember, you can get a free subscription to Nintendo’s official magazine by sending in your NES Control Deck warranty card.



Headlining the cover is none other than Mike Tyson himself! Nintendo’s latest heavyweight hitter, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! has been a wild success at retailers this holiday season and is one of the most requested games from kids. The pros at Nintendo give some hints on how to defeat your opponents.




If you need help navigating the courses in Rad Racer, Nintendo has some maps and tips to help you out. There are eight different tracks to master, each more difficult than the last. You can also send away for a free pair of 3-D glasses. Don’t worry, as of this publication they are most definitely not discontinued. We reached out to Nintendo and they were a bit fast with their red stamps! Still, we wouldn’t wait too long as they’re sure to go fast.



The issue also has exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming Game Paks for the NES. The biggest of the bunch is undoubtedly The Adventure of Link, which is the direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda! This time around Link is now longer a feeble young kid and is a full-grown adult. Ganon has returned and placed Princess Zelda in a deep sleep. It’s up to you to break the curse by exploring the Overworld and Underwold in search of items that can help you on your quest to save Zelda. The graphics are more detailed this time around and feature both overhead and side-scrolling action screens, not unlike you’d see in games like Castlevania. As you move about the Overworld enemies will appear on the map and if you touch them the action changes to a 2D perspective. Armed with Link’s sword and shield, you will battle all sorts of beasts and monsters. You’ll make your way to villages and speak with various townsfolk for clues on where to go next. The game boasts a gold cartridge and a lithium battery to save your progress. This one looks amazing!



Also coming soon from Nintendo is Pro Am Racing. This one has you driving radio controlled cars around a track that’s filled with hazards. The game has an isometric viewpoint, allowing for a unique perspective on a tried-and-true genre. There will be plenty of tricky turns and even parts and weapons for you to upgrade your vehicle with. This one could be pretty cool when it arrives this coming spring.



Also on the horizon is Dragon Warrior, a new role-playing game. Set in a medieval land, you play as a descendant of Roto – a legendary hero of long ago. You must vanquish the evil Dragon King, but it won’t be easy. You’ll need to find items, weapons, and armor to take on the various monsters that roam the land. Much like Kid Icarus and Metroid, Dragon Warrior features a password system so you never have to continue your quest empty handed.



There are a ton of tips and tricks in this issue as well. Games like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid are proving to be quite challenging games for kids and adults alike. A few pointers never hurt! Read the full issue below!


NIntendo Fun Club News | Winter 1987


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