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April/May 1988 Issue Of Nintendo Fun Club News

The April/May 1988 issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News has begun shipping out to subscribers. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link graces the cover and inside are several pages of detailed strategies. Obviously Nintendo expected this game to be on store shelves by now, but thanks to the severe microchip shortage gripping the world, we’re still waiting on it to ship. Latest estimates point to September of this year, but we’re hearing it could slip even further, perhaps into next year! Let’s hope not.



One of the most anticipated Game Paks of the year is Double Dragon. The arcade smash hit is finally coming to the NES this summer! We expect this one to be a major success and it’s looking fantastic. The only gripe is that the 2-player co-op featured in the arcades has been removed for the home conversion.



Have you beaten The Legend of Zelda? If so, did you know there’s a second quest that remixes some of the stuff in the game and makes it even more difficult? Nintendo reveals some maps and hints to help you on your adventure!



It appears that Nintendo is taking the Fun Club to the next level with a brand new magazine dedicated to the NES! It’s going to contain more than 100 pages of Nintendo goodness. There’s a form you can fill out and send into Nintendo to be the first to learn more about this new initiative. One of the questions asked is whether or not you’d be interested in subscribing to this new 100-page magazine for $14.95 for six issues. We’re not sure if this is the pricing strategy going forward or if they’re just testing the waters. We should learn more soon!


Image Credit: Frank Cifaldi


You can read the full issue below or download it right here!


Nintendo Fun Club News April-May 1988


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