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April 1988 Computer Entertainer

The April 1988 edition of Computer Entertainer has arrived, and they’ve changed something! Did you notice they added The Video Game Update to their masthead? It appears that video games are becoming more important and popular than before, so it makes perfects sense to reflect that in the title of the newsletter. Once again the NES dominates the top 10 games for the month, with only a single Sega game hanging on at number ten.

Also of note is that Capcom has announced some new games for the NES: Titan Warrior, Street Fighter, Black Tiger, and Willow. These games will most likely be arriving late this year or early next year, depending on how the chip shortage shakes out.

Bandai has plans to continue to support its fitness mat with a new Game Pak: Video Aerobic Studio. This one appears to be aimed at the Moms in the family, and we expect to see more at this year’s summer CES. They’re also bringing the classic arcade hit Galaga to the NES.



One of the biggest frustrations gamers have with the NES is the shifting release dates. This year has been particularly bad because every single publisher is dealing with shortages, which more often than not is messing with release date strategies. Making matters worse are publications like Nintendo’s own Fun Club News have been featuring games that originally should have been released by now, like Double Dragon and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. When will they finally arrive? Your guess is as good as ours.



You can download the full issue right here.


Computer Entertainer April 1988



Computer Entertainer Review Guidelines:






♦ = ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMS (1st set of diamonds = quality of graphics; 2nd set = quality of game play and entertainment value)

Any program for a given system is compared only to other programs for the same system. In other words, all C64-compatibles are judged separately from Apple. Some programs, which are virtually identical for multiple systems, will be so noted. When we review software for more than one system, we will note differences and which system we reviewed.


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