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Nintendo Fun Club Binder

One of the really cool things that you and your group of friends can do is form your own Nintendo Fun Club! If you get Nintendo’s newsletter, there is a form you can fill out to get sent a binder filled with pages that you can fill out for your own club. You’ll be able to keep track of the games you and your friends own as well as the ones you’d like to purchase next.



You can even run your own local neighborhood tournaments with the included bracket sheets. If you get really ambitious you can even write your own reviews of the games you’ve played. Nintendo has categorized important game qualities, such as: difficulty, graphics, excitement, action, interest level, audio, concept, initial feel, and overall score. Be sure to write in your game tips as well!



Your group of friends can also challenge each other to become the Power Player of the Month. Nintendo has suggestions for types of events to hold to prove who among you is the best. You can check the person’s pro level by the usual high score. Or, you can do some crazy stuff like playing the game while looking at a mirror to see who can make it through the level quickest. The challenges are up to you.



[Image Credits: ap123 of Nintendo Age Forums]


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