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Sunsoft Game Time News | Summer 1988

Video game company newsletters have been around for many years now, especially on the computer side of things. Now we’ve got some of Nintendo’s third party licensees getting into the act and Sunsoft has just put out its second edition of Sunsoft Game Time News. The cover feature is on Freedom Force, a Zapper game that just happens to have some pretty great music!



The newsletter is only six pages, but it does have the first big profile we’ve seen on Sunsoft’s upcoming game, Xenophobe. This one will support two players at the same time and could be just the thing for sci-fi fans.

The company also gives us our first real look at Blaster Master. This one looks like it could be something special when it arrives in time for Christmas!



[Source & Special Thanks: Chris Bieniek via Video Game Ephemera]


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