September 1988 Computer Entertainer

The latest issue of Computer Entertainer is a bit light on Nintendo news and reviews. Perhaps it’s just the calm before the huge holiday storm! The front page of the newsletter has some more disappointing news regarding more Game Paks getting delayed thanks to the microchip shortage:



The only two NES reviews this month are Bases Loaded and Life Force. Both received great scores, with the former getting a perfect 4 for graphics and a 3 for entertainment value and the latter getting perfect 4s for graphics and entertainment. Both showcase the power of Nintendo’s graphic processor and it’s great to see more two player games grace the system. We agree that Life Force is a must-have in our review!



Interestingly enough although they’re calling it a preview, Computer Entertainer scored Capcom’s Mickey Mousecapade, giving it a 3.5 for graphics and a 3 for entertainment. They conclude that the game is aimed at a younger audience and that the instruction book is up to snuff.



Of course you can read the entire issue, which covers a lot more computer stuff below:


Computer Entertainer | September 1988


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