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September/October 1988 Issue Of Electronic Game Player

The fourth issue of Electronic Game Player has arrived at a store near you and it’s packed cover to cover with video game goodness. There is a lot of NES coverage in here, although some of it comes from the summer CES, which happened back in June. Still, the folks covered the show pretty well and came back with some nice pictures and screens:



As we reported back in May, the U.S. version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is not the same as the Japanese game by the same name. Their version looks and plays virtually identical to the classic original, but given the fact that graphics technology has progressed and gamers today demand more from their video games than back in 1985, Nintendo decided to completely retrofit a different title into our version of Super Mario Bros. 2. What has resulted is hopefully a better experience for U.S. gamers, but at least one writer at Electronic Game Player is disappointed we’re not getting the Japanese version:



Where the magazine really delivers is in its reviews. Most of them are a full page with screens to boot! Take a look at the NES games reviewed this month, and we’re totally not jealous that they got an advance copy of Blaster Master (incorrectly called Master Blaster throughout the review):



Overall we came away really impressed with the coverage in the latest issue of Electronic Game Player. Let’s hope they do well enough to survive!


[Source: RetroMags]


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