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Winter CES: A Slew Of New Games Announced For The NES

Yesterday we told you all about what Nintendo had in the works for 1989, but now its the third party licensees’ turn to show off what’s in store for the NES. With the microchip shortage still in full swing, it’s hard to know exactly when to expect many of these new games to arrive on store shelves, but here’s hoping most of them will show up sooner than later. We’re going to tackle the companies in alphabetical order, so hopefully we won’t miss anything!




Based on the hit TV show, you’re put inside the cockpit of an elite military helicopter filled to the brim with the latest technology and weapons. Your goal is to rescue hostages and avoid being blown to bits. Should be easy, right?


IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II

The sequel to one of Acclaim’s most (ahem) acclaimed games is on its way this year! The evil wizard is back and stronger than ever. You must collect the shattered pieces of the legendary IronSword to put him back in the ground where he belongs. With more variety in the stages and enemies and over 100 unique characters, this one is packed with content.


Knight Rider

Go behind the wheel of the ultra futuristic talking car that has an arsenal of weapons to take out the bad guys. Similar to Airwolf, you’ll play the game via a first-person view behind the dashboard. Race through mountains, cities, and more as you try to neutralize the thieves with your missiles and of course KITT’s patented turbo-boost.



The classic board game is shipping to stores this month. Othello is a simple game to learn, but one that can take a lifetime to master. You win by flipping the chips over to your color. It’s easier said than done and can be quite a fun time with two players.



Hulk Hogan is headlining this wrestling game from Acclaim. You can play as one of six popular WWF wrestlers, including: Hulk Hogan, André the Giant, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, “Maho Man” Randy Savage, Bam Bam Bigelow, and The Honky Tonk Man. Given the popularity of the “sport”, this one could be a big hit on the NES!




Based on the popular Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of the same name, you play as a commando out to stay alive against other soldiers and the alien Predator as well! You’ll have a variety of weapons and gadgets at your disposal to get the job done.


Stealth ATF

Take control of the F-117A Stealth Fighter. Yet another first-person flight game, of which we haven’t been too impressed with similar titles for the NES in the past. Will this one change our minds? Time will tell, but from what we’ve seen we’re not holding our breath.


The Three Stooges

Here’s an odd choice for a game! Nothing says “kid relevant” like The Three Stooges! In this zany game you have to try and save an orphanage from an evil banker trying to shutter the place. With strange gameplay and even trivia, we’re not sure what to make of this one.




Venture to a monster-infested South Pacific island where no one has ever been heard from again. That sounds like fun! You play as Amagon, who has an ability to transform himself into Megagon – a more muscly man! This brightly colored action game looks like a hundred other titles on the NES, but who knows, maybe there’s something special hiding here? From what we’ve seen it’s very similar to games like Adventure Island.


Ninja Taro

You play as a pint-sized ninja who must take out his adversaries as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. This vertically scrolling game will have you jumping and kicking your way to victory later this year!



Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach

Another golf game is heading to the Nintendo. This one is solely focused on the prestigious course. Let’s hope the gameplay delivers!


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Take on dual roles of good and evil. Will this one be in the vein of Castlevania? It’s packed with monsters and ghouls, so here’s hoping!


Mask Rider

It’s your turn to ride with the Mask Riders and join them on their deadly mission into the nuclear-active Shockerland! This one wasn’t shown at the show, so we’re still waiting to see more.


Monster Party

Travel to an alien world with your trusty bat to smash some demon brains in! The game promises to have a bunch of different stages and judging from the early screens it will definitely have a dark tone to it. A password feature will let you continue where you left off.


Star Trek V

We know next to nothing about this one. It’s based on the upcoming film, but as to what kind of game we can expect – you’ll just have to wait and see!


Street Cop

Here’s a novel concept: play as a beat cop roaming the streets via the Power Pad! You’ll have to run quick to nab the villains and take out the thugs.

Credit: Chris Beniek



The Battle of Olympus

Travel back to ancient Greece and rescue your girlfriend Helene, who has been cursed to stone! This one looks a lot like Zelda II and includes a password feature for you to continue on your quest.


The Guardian Legend

Now here’s an interesting concept! You get to play both an overhead space shooter mixed with adventure-style labyrinths, sort of like Zelda. You’ll collect new weapons and items to help you succeed in your quest.


Legacy of the Wizard

Search the castle for gold, keys, magic, and more to aid in your quest to defeat an evil dragon. This maze-like game contains hundreds of rooms to explore and a password feature will allow you to continue your adventure.


U-Force Controller

And now for something completely different: U-Force! This new controller allows you to actually throw punches with your fists in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! You can use it with other games as well, including Rad Racer where you hold your hands like you’re grasping a steering wheel and simply turn them to steer the on-screen car. Is it magic? Well it uses some type of infrared beams to detect minute hand movements. We’re not sold on it yet, but it’s a very novel idea. May the force be with you.




Super Dodgeball

You represent Team USA in the Super Dodge Ball World Cup Championships. You’ll travel across the world representing your country in the hopes of coming out victorious. Who knew you could make a game out of Dodge Ball? This one definitely looks like it could be a fun time.


Super Rescue

You’re on the front lines of putting out fires. You have to save the trapped people from harm!


Credit: Frank Cifaldi


Super Sushi Pinball

Another pinball game on the way to the NES! How many do we need? This one looks, uh, odd to say the least! Who knew that sushi mixed well with pinball?


Credit: Frank Cifaldi



Adventures in Disneyland

Welcome to the happiest place on earth! You’ll explore various areas of the theme park and play games based on rides and attractions. Can you survive the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain?


The California Raisins

Those shriveled grapes are coming to a NES near you, courtesy of the masters at Capcom! You’ll embark on a quest to recover musical notes that have been stolen. Much like Mega Man, you’ll be able to choose your stages in any order. Expect zany characters throughout!


Chip ‘N Dale’s Rescue Rangers

This 2-player simultaneous co-op game has you and a friend playing as Chip or Dale. You’ll have to explore gigantic levels in search of Gadget. It won’t be easy with a bunch of enemies blocking your every path. As in other Capcom games, this one looks colorful, challenging, and exciting!



One of the most popular Disney cartoons on television today is undoubtedly Disney’s DuckTales. The game is coming later this year for the NES and you play as Scrooge McDuck. You’re on a quest for treasure (naturally) and you will need to fly across the world in search of it. You’ll use his cane to pogo jump on enemies and discover secrets. With bright graphics and catchy music this one could be a winner.


Mega Man 2

One of the sleeper hits of late 1987 and into 1988 was Mega Man. Now a sequel is on its way with even more Robot Masters to defeat! All new stages and enemies promise to challenge even veteran gamers. Capcom has clearly taken extra time to create huge enemy sprites and colorful stages. The weapon-stealing mechanic is still in place, so your character will continue to harness to new powers throughout the action. Expect this one this summer!


Street Fighter

In the arcades Street Fighter is a one-on-one martial arts battle to the finish. We assume this will be the case when the game comes to the NES, but Capcom hasn’t really given any information on it, other than this small photo. It lacks the detail of the arcade version, but perhaps it’s just early in development.



Another Capcom arcade port is on its way to the NES. However, we’ve heard that this one will depart greatly from the arcade version to allow for the limitations of the home console and to flesh out some of the stages. We’re hoping the action is just as intense!



This one looks eerily similar to The Legend of Zelda, complete with the top-down viewpoint. It looks more detailed thanks to the bigger chips of today’s cartridges. We’re excited to try out a Capcom adventure game like this, since they usually only release action titles.



Bad Dudes

The President has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to save him. The arcade hit comes home later this year. From all appearances the game’s graphics look like they hold up rather well. Unfortunately it appears the 2 player co-op has been nixed, just like we saw with Double Dragon.



This one has been a long time coming. It was supposed to release over a year ago, but now it’s finally here. Destroy the buildings as fast as you can in this 2 player simultaneous game based on the arcade version.



Another victim of the microchip shortage, RoboCop just might make it out this year after a few delays. The arcade version is pretty fun, but we’ll have to wait and see if the NES version holds up.




You are Jim, a young knight (what an awesome name for a knight). You must (you guessed it) save the Princess from the evil clutches of Boralis. There will be many monsters to defeat on this epic (?) adventure.



Perhaps the most expensive NES game to date, Ultima carries a suggest retail price of $53.95! Part of the extravagant cost is due to its battery back-up system and lengthy quest. It should be the first computer-type RPG on the NES.


Stay tuned for more NES Game Paks shown off during the Winter CES 1989 show! We still have some great stuff to show from Konami and Sunsoft, among others!


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