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Captain N: The Game Master Coming This Fall To NBC

NBC has announced that it is bringing a new cartoon to its Saturday morning lineup this fall that will feature familiar characters from various NES games. The title of the new program is Captain N: The Game Master. It will be created at DIC Animated and tells the story of a kid named Kevin. He and his dog Duke are sucked into the TV through a Warp Zone into the video game world.

Kevin is outfitted with a NES Zapper and a special belt buckle in the shape of a NES controller. He will take on the evil Mother Brain from Metroid and a bunch of her minions from various other Nintendo and third party licensee properties. Helping Kevin on his crusade are Princess Lana, ruler of Videoland and familiar heroes, including: Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Mega Man, and Kid Icarus.

You’ll have to check your local listings to see what time this new cartoon will air later this fall. With Nintendomania hitting an all-time high, this one could bring in the viewers. Then again, game players may be too busy playing their Nintendos to even notice.



TV Notes

The New York Times | Jeremy Gerard | April 17, 1989


NBC may be No. 1 in prime-time programming, but its Saturday morning lineup for children has long been in third place. The network hopes to turn that around in the fall with a new schedule, and it has enlisted John Candy in the effort.

Playing a counselor, Mr. Candy will introduce and close ”Camp Candy,” an animated show about children at camp.

The schedule will also include two other new shows, said an announcement last week by Brandon Tartikoff, the president of NBC’s entertainment division.

They will be ”Captain N: The Game Master,” another animated program, this one based on the Nintendo video games that have taken over most of the country’s recreation rooms, and ”Saved by the Bell,” a new situation comedy.


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