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Summer CES 1989: Nintendo Brochure Reveals Every NES & Game Boy Game Shown

Nintendo’s CES booth is bigger than ever before and contains more games than anyone would have time to play in the short few days it’s open. Most of Nintendo’s third party licensees are included inside the mega-booth with a ton of current and never-before seen games just waiting to be played. In addition to NES titles and accessories, the Game Boy made its big splash with a huge portion of the booth dedicated to the new handheld. This one’s going to be a big deal!



Although Nintendo is the clear market leader in the video game market, they aren’t sitting around waiting for the competition to pass them up. They’ve dedicated over $60 million in marketing money to blitz the airwaves with new commercials and in-store ads to drive sales. With two animated shows airing this fall, a new movie in development (The Wizard), and even a breakfast cereal currently on store shelves, kids and parents won’t be able to escape Nintendomania.


Other publishers had plenty of brochures to hand out at the show as well. Here’s a sampling of a few of them:



[Image Sources: Video Game Ephemera]


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