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Nintendo Zaps Atari: Tengen’s Tetris Must Be Pulled From Stores

Nintendo and Atari have been at each other’s throats filing lawsuits and countersuits over the past six months. Nintendo has won a preliminary injunction against Atari when it comes to selling Tetris on the NES. It appears that Atari Games, who markets its own custom NES cartridges under the name Tengen, doesn’t lawfully hold the rights to distribute Tetris on home video game machines. Nintendo has secured that honor and so now Tengen’s version, which has been selling since late April, must be pulled from stores immediately.

Nintendo will market its own version of Tetris, the insanely addicting puzzle game that has taken the computer industry by storm, later this year. A portable version of Tetris is going to be bundled in with every single Game Boy sold once it goes on sale this August.



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