Super Mario Bros. Super Show Set To Debut Next Month

Check your local listings beginning September 4, 1989 to see what channel is carrying the latest Nintendo creation: the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. This new 30-minute television show is a mix of animation and live action slapstick comedy. Mario is played by Lou Albano (yes, the wrestler) and Luigi is played by Danny Wells. Each episode promises a guest character, with Elvira and Vanna White already confirmed to appear. The new show aimed at kids is expected to air weekdays after school in most markets.

This isn’t the first time cartoons have borrowed video game characters. During the first video game craze we saw cartoons like Pac-Man and Saturday Supercade star then-popular characters like Donkey Kong, Q*bert, and more. Whether or not the Super Mario Bros. Super Show will be any good or not remains to be seen! Check out the new article below from the August 1989 issue of Vending Times:




Craig Majaski

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