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Kay-Bee Toys Ad Showcases Game Boy, NES & Genesis

This holiday season is shaping up to be a pretty special one for all fans of video games. That’s because for the first time it appears that Nintendo has finally secured enough microchips to hopefully avoid the shortages it has faced over the past few years. That means you should see plenty of NES Action Sets on store shelves and even more variety of Game Paks ready for purchase!

In addition to the NES, which has been the number one toy for the last several years, many retailers (like Kay-Bee Toys) have carved out new sections to showcase Nintendo’s new portable system, the Game Boy, as well as Sega’s 16-bit powerhouse, the Genesis.



Kay-Bee Toys has an ad showing off some great holiday gift ideas for the young ones (or the young at heart). Of course video games make up a portion of their ad, as they should thanks to their growing popularity. Of course there are plenty of other toys on the market that are sure to appeal to varying age groups. We’re especially partial to the $3.49 priced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures! Also sign us up for the Micro Machines Transport Chopper!



Nintendo scored a full page in the latest ad. There are plenty of options for newcomer and veterans alike. The NES Game Paks featured here are a mix of recent releases as well as legacy software. Out of all the games shown, we’re partial to Ninja Gaiden and Blaster Master, but don’t sleep on Dragon Warrior and Faxanadu if you’re up for the challenge of some heavy adventure and role-playing gaming. Don’t forget to pick up a NES Advantage to get a leg up on the competition with turbo and slow motion!




If you’re aiming to get the latest and greatest video game technology has to offer and have the cash to do so, then the Sega Genesis might be your best bet. It has a very limited selection of games to choose from at the moment, but perhaps it will gain ground as more titles become available. We’ve played a system in the store and it does indeed look and sound fantastic. We’re just not sure it’ll have the gaming library needed to take on Nintendo. Time will tell!


[Image Source: tOkKa via Flickr]


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