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1989 Sears Wish Book & J.C. Penney Christmas Catalogs

With the action figure market collapsing over the past few years it really has been all about the video games, especially with boys aged 7 – 14. It appears that many young video game players aren’t aging out of the category like they do with traditional toys, which is a great sign for the health and growth of the industry as a whole. Whether or not there is room for three big players in the home console space still remains to be seen, but early indication is that Sega is making some headway with its new 16-bit Genesis. It’s too soon to tell if NEC is having the same luck with its TurboGrafx-16 system.

One thing’s for sure: Nintendo is set to have one of its busiest holidays ever with the NES selling like crazy and a slew of catalog titles just waiting to be snapped up by eager consumers. They also have their new handheld gaming system, the Game Boy, and with that a line of games and accessories that are sure to be on plenty of kids’ wish lists this Christmas.

We’ve poured over the Sears and J.C. Penney Christmas catalogs. Both have video games featured as well as a host of other gift ideas. Which ones are you hoping to get this holiday season? We’ve posted some scans of each catalog below!






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