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Nintendo Wins Ruling Over Atari For Home Video Game Rights To Tetris

Just a few days ago, on November 13, 1989, the U.S. District Court sided with Nintendo over Atari for the rights to distribute the popular puzzle game Tetris in the U.S. If you recall, way back in June the judge had stopped Tengen (owned by Atari Games) from selling its version of Tetris for the NES while the case proceeded. The ruling has come down in favor of Nintendo, which means that the Tengen version of the NES game will never again see the light of day, assuming appeals don’t go through.

Nintendo has included a version of Tetris with every Game Boy, its new portable gaming system. This month the company has also released a version of the Soviet designed game for its NES. Atari Games still asserts rights over the arcade and PC versions, but has now effectively been blocked from distributing the game on any home console, which includes portable devices.



[Source: The Times News Idaho]


Craig Majaski

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