January 1990 Winter CES: Nintendo Power Finally Coming To Retailers

Nintendo Power is the best magazine on the market for Nintendo fans and up until now it’s only been available via a subscription. That’s changing this year with the introduction of single issues at retailers that have the store within a store concept called World of Nintendo. Each issue will command a $3.50 price tag, but as Peter Main explains below, for $20 a gift kit can be purchased and it comes with some cool perks, including some markers and a sample issue of Nintendo Power magazine!






LAS VEGAS (January 6, 1990) — During its first year and a half, NINTENDO

POWER™ magazine was available only by getting a subscription directly from Nintendo

of America. Meanwhile during this same period, many retailers were seeking a way to

bring the publication’s success to their cash registers. As a result, sales of single issue

and subscription gifts kits for NINTENDO POWER magazine can now be found at

some of the nation’s largest retail outlets.


“One of our biggest obstacles to bringing NINTENDO POWER into the retail

environment was the difficulty of merchandising the subscription. And, many

consumers, especially our youngest fans, have a hard time waiting six weeks for delivery

after they’ve paid for their subscriptions,” explained Peter Main, the company’s vice

president of marketing.


“We solved the dilemma by creating the ‘Get With It’ kit,” Main continued.

The kit contains a notebook with a high-tech design that includes three NINTENDO

POWER pens in vibrant hues, a current issue of the magazine, a detailed directory of

all Nintendo software and a redemption card which initiates the pre-paid one-year



By making the single-issues available, Nintendo satisfied the requests that many

consumers had communicated to the Nintendo game counselors. “Single-issue sales will

also enable consumers and video game fans to sample the magazine at a low cost; and,

better yet, will allow them to purchase the most up-to-date buying guide available for

all video game purchases. Importantly, video game enthusiasts will get the latest,

exclusive game tips available,” said Main.


The “Get With It” kit will sell for $19.95 and single issues will sell for $3.50. The

magazine can only be found at World of Nintendo retailers.


NINTENDO POWER reaches 1.8 million readers, making it the highest-paid

subscription magazine in circulation to 8-15 year-olds.


Nintendo of America Inc. sells personal, home and arcade video games in the

United States. The Redmond, Washington-based company is the headquarters for the

company’s marketing operations in North America; and is a subsidiary of the world’s

largest manufacturer and marketer of video games, Nintendo Co. Ltd.


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