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Nintendo World Championships 1990 Has Begun

The biggest video game event of the year has begun with the Nintendo World Championships 1990. This mega-tournament will be stopping at 30 cities across the U.S. to determine who the top NES player in the country really is!

Contestants will play a special NES cartridge featuring three games: Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Rad Racer. Each player will have six minutes to make it to the end with the highest score. To proceed they will first have to play Super Mario Bros. and collect 50 coins as quickly as they can. Then they will play Rad Racer and must complete the course. The final segment is Tetris and this is where you can really rack up the points. The quicker you make it to the falling block puzzler the greater your chances of scoring extra points will be. The winners from each of the 30 cities will go on to compete in the finals, which are scheduled to take place this fall in Orlando, Florida.

Even if you’re not competing, or just want something else to do, the show will have multiple pavilions to check out and play upcoming games! We’re talking titles that are a few months away from release, like Final Fantasy, Maniac Mansion, StarTropics, and Maniac Mansion. The one we’re really itching to get our thumbs on is Castlevania III, which was just announced for a U.S. release and won’t be available until around Halloween. How cool is it that you can play it six months early?

Will you try your hand at becoming the Nintendo World Champion? Good luck to all who enter!


Nintendo World Championships 1990 Press Release | March 8 1990


[Press Release Courtesy of: Nintendo Player]


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