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1990 World Of Nintendo Buyers Guide

We’re all familiar with video game magazines like Nintendo Power, EGM, GamePro, and VG&CE. That’s because these are consumer-facing periodicals, but did you know that retailers get targeted reading material too? Nintendo keeps in touch with stores across the country to share statistics and give ideas on how to successfully merchandise their locations. The 1990 World of Nintendo Buyers Guide is designed to update shops across the country on what’s happening for the year and to provide them with contact information for all of Nintendo’s third party licensees.

Some important pieces of information are shared throughout the book. Nintendo’s sales for 1989 rose to $2.7 billion out of the entire $3.4 billion video game industry. Game Boy sold over $100 million and Nintendo admits more could have been purchased if supply was better. Over 5000 stores have a World of Nintendo section, which helps sell not only games for the NES and Game Boy, but also a wide variety of accessories, add-ons, and even things like shirts and hats.



For 1990 Nintendo is projecting over 5 million Game Boys to be sold. Over 70 new Game Boy games will be introduced throughout the year and over 50 software developers are hard at work on new titles. 90% of NES owners say the system is better now than when they purchased it and a whopping 96% responded that they still actively use the system. But, Nintendo admits there’s room for growth. In the U.S. the attach rate of NES games to systems was about 5 (each owner has on average five games for the system). In Japan that attach rate is 12. It’s important to note that the Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES) came out in 1983 so it has had longer to sell software. Also, in general the games are a little cheaper over there and the selection is way bigger.

For the entire year of 1990 Nintendo is projecting total sales of $4.1 billion. Because of the number of people owning a Nintendo and the popularity of the games, the company receives over 140,000 calls a week (7.3 million a year) – showing great sustained interest in their products. Nintendo Power continues to grow and now has over 1.5 million subscriptions. It goes monthly starting in July! Nintendo’s demographics have been shifting over the years from a toy that only boys play to older players (24-35). In fact over 30% of NES players and over 40% of Game Boy players are over 18 years old. Nintendo products are now found in over 25% of American homes.

Check out the entire buyers guide below, with special thanks to Video Game Ephemera for the scan!


1990 World of Nintendo Buyers Guide


[Source: Video Game Ephemera]


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