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Subscribe To Nintendo Power & Get A Free Dragon Warrior Game Pak

Nintendo Power magazine is one of the most subscribed to magazines in the country, but that’s not going to stop them from trying to increase circulation even more. A new promotional mailing just went out to over 7 million NES owners with an offer that’s going to be difficult to pass up. For only $15 you can subscribe to Nintendo Power (12 issues) and you’ll get a free copy of Dragon Warrior for the NES as a bonus! Talk about a steal!

This is apparently Nintendo of America’s way of pushing the mega-popular role-playing game (RPG) genre that’s super popular in Japan into the mainstream public on this side of the Pacific. Rumors are that Dragon Warrior didn’t perform as well as Nintendo had hoped, and that’s probably due to the unique nature of RPGs. Many gamers are used to fast-paced run-and-gun shooter and adventure game that require exceptional hand-eye coordination skills. Games like Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy (as well as the Ultima games) rely on slower gameplay mechanics with a deeper focus on story, exploration, and character development.

Perhaps by giving away a bunch of copies of this game more players will be exposed to the genre and thus future sequels will release to greater acclaim? It’s hard to say, but many of us here at Nintendo Times definitely enjoyed Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy and think you would too. For $15 there’s no better time to jump in. Check out the promotional mailers going out to NES owners across the country right now. Also, here’s a page from Nintendo’s internal newsletter talking about the insane preparation needed to get these pamphlets mailed out.




[Sources: Frank Cifaldi & Steven Lin]


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