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A brand new strategy role-playing game is coming soon for the 3DS. Developed by Imageepoch, makers of the Luminous Arc series, and published by Atlus USA, Stella Glow follows the story of a villager named Alto who must rise to action to try and defend his hometown against the evil witch Hilda, and along the way save the world too. That’s not asking much, right?

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As it turns out, thousands of years ago, the gift of song was taken away from mankind as a punishment for dividing the people and causing wars. This made for a peaceful time, but now Hilda has arrived on the scene with the power of song and she aims to take over the world by hunting down the other four witches that can stop her. Her cursed song must be stopped so Alto joins the Regnant Knights to put an end to her dastardly plans. Can he convince the other four witches to join him and bring peace back to the world? They are sure to test his resolve before agreeing to help out.

Stella Glow’s combat is straight up strategy RPG, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, but mixed with a bit of Fire Emblem’s cinematic battles. The battlefield has a grid, not unlike the aforementioned titles, so you will have to prepare your team wisely. Hazards and geography can play a pivotal role in deciding which side is victorious.

With a compelling story and vivid graphics, Stella Glow is looking like one of the premiere 3DS games this holiday season. Full voice acting will enhance the experience. For those that preorder, they will get the day one launch edition that includes a bunch of goodies:

  • Soundtrack CD of the five witch themes
  • Large fabric poster of Hilda’s Crystal Garden imagery
  • Bubu flexible PVC charm
  • Collectible outer box


Stella Glow will be released on November 17, 2015. But you don’t have to wait that long to try it out. Log into the 3DS eShop on October 27 to download a free demo. Your progress will not transfer to the final game, but it will give you a small sample of what the final game will play like. We will have much more on Stella Glow as the game approaches release.

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