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Nintendo Sales Numbers & LTD Data

Nintendo released its sales data for the first half of 2015. Overall they appear to be in line with their earlier estimates for the year. The majority of sales are made in the next quarter as Nintendo typically appeals to families during the holidays. In addition to games and consoles, Nintendo has been selling a lot of amiibo interactive figures, reaching over 21 million sold worldwide, about half of which have been sold this fiscal year.

Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, both of which have joined the million-plus seller club at 1.88 million and 2.42 million, respectively, have spurred this year’s sales. 1.19 million Wii U systems were sold in the first six months of its fiscal year and the 3DS sold 2.28 million. With its first smartphone game looming on the horizon, this quarter’s sales could be higher than anticipated. For a more complete breakdown of data, take a look below:

Sales Chart

Wii U Software Sales LTD 9-30-15
Mario Kart 8 remains the top selling game on the Wii U. 2 games releases this year: Splatoon and Super Mario Maker already made it onto the top 10 sellers.
3DS LTD Software
No games released this year cracked the top 10 selling 3DS games.
Nintendo Hard:Soft Sales LTD 9-30-15
These sales numbers really put Nintendo’s situation into perspective. The 3DS would need to sell another 100 million units to match its predecessor. Wii U would need to sell 91 million.
Wii LTD Software
Look at some of those sales! Really shows just how big of a phenomenon the Wii truly was.
DS LTD Software
A Mario game bookends the top 10 selling DS games list.

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