Nintendo’s Mobile Game Announcement Later Today

In about six hours we should know more about Nintendo’s first-ever mobile game. For years the company has shunned the cellphone market, focusing instead on its own dedicated gaming machines. This past spring, Mr. Iwata announced that Nintendo would partner with Japanese mobile game developer, DeNA to create games for cellphones. That news shot Nintendo’s stock soaring as investors anticipated to see what Nintendo has prepared for this untapped market.

We do know that Nintendo has been very coy in discussing anything regarding its existing IP moving to mobile. They have mentioned in the past that just taking an existing game and porting it over to cellphones won’t work well. Given that, I expect the game announcement to be something new with a bit of IP thrown in to keep it immediately recognizable as a Nintendo product. I wouldn’t, for example, expect them to announce a brand new Pokémon adventure, but could see something like a puzzle game infused with the characters from that series.

Whatever is announced, it will be the first of at least five games that will be released over the course of the next couple of years. It’s hard to predict with Nintendo what type of game will be shown. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Nintendo will often zig when you expect it to zag. Stay tuned later tonight for more details about this new initiative.

Feature image credit: Tech News Today

Craig Majaski

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